Speech of the President

Distinguished friends both at home and abroad:
Ningbo is an important port city along the southeast coast and the economic center of south wing of Yangtze River Delta. It is an China's historical and cultural city, excellent tourist city, model city for environmental protection, civilized city and happiest city for the people. It has a population of 5.68 million and an area of 9365 square kilometers.
Ningbo, a world-renowned port and commercial port, has historically been open to foreign trade in advance, leading the trend for exports, creating the glory of "Marine Silk Road, Porcelain Road". Since reform and opening, Ningbo is considered as a coastal city and in one of the first opening and a national plan separate city, which is fully rely on the port to develop an open economy. It gradually become a city with the most developed economy, the most dynamic and potential. Its investment environment has constant improvement and Ningbo has become a paradise of venture investment at home and abroad.
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Ningbo Sub-Council (China Chamber of International Commerce Ningbo Chamber of Commerce) (CCPIT) is a the citywide non-governmental organizations of foreign trade and economic cooperation, composed of individuals, enterprises, associations and groups from economic and trade circle of Ningbo. Since its inception in 1989, in accordance with the spirit of "Serve the Government, serve enterprises," it plays an important role in promoting CCPIT and CCOIC, actively develops non-governmental trade with other countries and regions, promoting international trade, the use of foreign investment, introduction of advanced technology, and economic cooperation. It enhances mutual understanding and friendship between Ningbo and the world. It makes a greater contribution to the modern international port city construction on a new stage.
CCPIT Ningbo, CCOIC Ningbo Chamber of Commerce has 9county-level branches, more than 2,000 member companies. It has established a two-way associations and cooperative relations with more than 60 operators around the world. Its commerce footprints cover 5 continents. The branch offices (Council Affairs Division), Information Liaison Department, International Exhibition Department, Legal Affairs Department, Domestic Exhibition Department, economic entities conducting trade and exhibitions business. It is a trade promotion team with high quality and hard style, providing high quality, convenience, comprehensive services and guarantee for enterprises engaged in international trade and the international market.
Welcome guests and friends to Ningbo! Ningbo are waiting for merchants at home and abroad! Let’s build a better tomorrow hand in hand!

CCPIT, Ningbo Sub-Council
CCOIC Ningbo Chamber of Commerce
President: Gu Zhengwei October 2009

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